Nicole and Gideon

Lisbon, Portugal 2024

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beach party and wedding day logistics

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lisbon is effectively split by a bridge (the 25 de Abril Bridge) which connects the city center to the beach and its surrounding areas. Our beach party and wedding are both taking place on the non-city side of Lisbon. While with no traffic it would only take 30-45 minutes maximum to get from the city center to either the beach venue or the wedding venue, this can fluctuate wildly in Summer due to severe congestion which forms at the bridge (bloody tourists). If you do choose to stay in the city center (and we understand if you do - it’s unreal), please keep this in mind and factor it into your timings for our wedding events.

We will shortly send each of our guests a document to fill out confirming where you’re staying on the Saturday and Sunday nights. Once you’ve received the document please can you fill in your details as soon as possible so that we can arrange transport accordingly. The wedding venue can be hard to find, especially for taxis late in the evening! If you haven’t received this additional email, please contact Gid on +44 (0)7915055109.